The Untold story

This is a little about me. Just a small story about the real Ronald Kibet.
Years have gone by since you brought me in this world,
When i was young i never had the privileges of good parenting,
When i was 3 i had to run away from home to the streets for my own wellbeing,
Then my dad and mum were slaves to illicit brew,
No one cared what we ate or where we slept,
Our big sister ran away to our grandma, there she went to school and came to visit once,
My two brothers and i were left in 'hell' with our don't care parents,
My parents could brew very early in the morning and start drinking as early as 6am,
When we woke up there was no breakfast only the well known "eye killer" 'chang'aa',
So we had to drink chang'aa and ugali for breakfast,
Due to much consumption of illicit brew as kids, my two brothers died at the age of 4,
There is when i left home and set off to the streets,
No one chased me away from home i just found myself gone,
There in the streets life was t…

My mysterious smile.

Do you know me really?
I doubt if you do,
You saw my smile and got attracted by it,
But my question is, 
Do you know what is deep within that smile?
Deep beneath my smile are dark secrets and painful thoughts,
Inside my smile is bare loneliness and a gap left by my parents when i was 7,
My smile is my mask to hide the other side of me, the real me,
The dark side of me is just like the dusk,
It is not known to many.
Deep within my smile are feelings that my heart cannot hold,
Painful feelings not meant for the heart to hold and not meant for the mind to conceive.
Behind that smile are gallons of tears ready to be shed anytime,
Behind that smile is a weakness of fury and rage ready to bounce out like an angry tiger,
That smile carries alot that can't be disposed off easily.
Behind that smile still is a genuine smile,
Behind that smile there are people that it holds and cherish dearly,
People called friends and family,
But mostly friends and am glad you are my friend.
This smile is one of the many amaz…

Generation thirteen.

When i was thirteen i didn't know what love was,
My heart knew no pain caused by love,
As a teen i loved and lived a thirteen life with less thoughts of love,
All i always thought about was WWE; Raw and smackdown,
I yawned to watch Shawn Michael and The one and only Undertaker,
Living a thirteen life was awesome and cool.
Now, come the new thirteeen generation,
They know nothing about WWE,
They know nothing about 'cha baba na cha mama',
Oooh, they know nothing about hide and seek,
They know less about 'vuka hapa uone or angusha hii mawe nikuonyeshe',
They know nothing about the discipline we received when we messed.
All they know is lots of soup opera and opera mini,
Children aged thirteen know about love,
Haven't you heard a small girl giving birth?
Yes, they know what love is,
Worst of all they actually know even what sex is,
So this is the kind of generation we are in now,
A generation where a small child can't be sent by their elders,
A generation where a girl aged thirte…


We are the perfect match,
The only outstanding gang,
The envy of the nation,
The masterclass intimacy.
Look around and see the swords drawn against us,
Are we gonna be divided by mere words that cut like double-edged sword?
Let our courage be steady and let our friendship be perfect in deeds.
Let it blossom and shine amongst our haters.
Our friendship should be like listening to Eminem raping and watching Denzel Washington acting.
Our friendship should be humorous like the humor Norman Rockwell portrays in his paintings.
Our friendship should be outstanding like the standing statue of Benvenuto Cellini; The Perseus.
Our intimacy should be like watching the late Michael Jackson breaking it.
Let our partnership in happiness be the real piece of art.
You and i can shake up the world like Shakespeare.
Let's create our legendary-frienship podium.
Let the whole world know that we are irreplaceable.
Life is so treacherous and without you, i don't know where my start would be.
You ar…


Guess what!! I am awesome
Yes, sometimes i know how awful and notorious i can be
My heart tells me different,
I can hear that small voice in me saying, "Dude, you are fucking awesome"
Yeah, that is what i deal with inside...
I deal with awesome certitude within me.    
It is not about having money like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet so that i can know about it.
I know by the fact that i have awesome friends around me.
Yeah awesome friends,
My choice to be awesome was by a fact that the voice within me is awesome.
I have been labeled awful, notorious, ugly, dirty but my instincts tells me how awesome and quixotic i am.
I have been looked down upon for just saying am awesome.
If you can't beat them ignore them and they will self-destruct.
I ignored them and chose to be me;AWESOME
            Am positive about it.
I was born awesome but naked.
My thoughts were naked to the fact i needed to learn to control what i say.
I needed to control them in …


When i die, i want my will to be strictly observed. I know my will will be long gone with me in to my grave below. But all in all am leaving behind a will that will be for you not to ever mourn my death. I would wish to see everyone happy. 
When i die, i would wish my body not to be buried but rather be given to the hospital so that my useful body parts can be given to those people with special disabilities.
I would wish my eyes be given to     someone who has never seen light before, so that they can see the beauty of this world and how creative and thoughtful God was when creating this beauty.
I want my legs to be given to someone without so they can tour the world and give meaning to their life.
I want my arms be given to that desperate person longing to give a hug to his or her mother,father and girlfriend but cannot due to lack of arms.I want my helpful internal parts that can be of help be given to those nearing their death so that they can live to praise God forever.
After all the b…


Who said i am not a legend?
Then guess what, i am a legend.
A legend born of legacy and legendary deeds.
I am a legend of my own writings.
Undisputed legend.
I am a legend of my own failures and success.
I write my future in my own peculiar way,
I define every step i take in a legendary   contrivance.
I fail and rise in an unstoppable style.
Only legends rise up when they fail,
Only legends write their own history even when they are in dire straits.
Only legends speak up for the weak and those ill-treated.
Only legends who can get up in the morning and say thank you God.
Only legend get to face their own challenges without complains.
It is only a legend.......